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Rainy the rainy season, may consider using some specialized physical appliances to dehumidification.
Market, plasma, LCD TVs and other new measures moisture than traditional CRT TVs usually have to do better, and therefore less likely to use the first three years of failure because of the air is humid.

All appliances moisture Raiders General, placing appliances room relative humidity should generally be 40% to 60% is appropriate, because the humidity is too high may easily lead to appliances corrosion of metal components and circuits. Therefore, household electrical appliances should be placed in ventilated and dry place, remember not to exit on the window or air conditioning. Need to be reminded that the 34 in Guangzhou, rainy month, can not afford to underestimate the impact of moisture on the electrical and danger, because it not only makes a variety of failure frequency is, and will shorten the life of appliances.

According to experts, to prevent moisture damage to household appliances, better and more open about every morning and evening, electricity can be reduced through the internal circuitry against water vapor. The low frequency electrical appliances, can be reasonable as far as the location of the chassis number of the fixed place desiccant, and then covered with a dust cover or cloth. Of course, this approach only solves the problem moist environment for a variety of electrical appliances also need specific and targeted means.

Opening hours every day can TV than tidal High humidity air, TV's surface and internal parts more easily attached to vapor, images and sound quality will be affected to various degrees. Currently, the market, plasma, LCD and other new TV moisture measures are generally higher than traditional CRT TV to perform well, so use the first three years because of low air humidity and cause damage. The use of more than three years, the machine dust accumulated more TV, you'd better servicing to qualified service personnel dust, do not risk yourself to prevent leakage occurs.

Symptoms: TV in the boot, the others will issue a "pop, pop" sound, some images or images not only the sound of "snow", and some to become clear only after half an hour. There's TV to use for a long time, and body back on the shell holes penetrate a lot of dust, and moisture condensation produced even after a "crawl leakage" phenomenon.

Strategy: The easiest way is to always boot moisture, such as a daily run from 3 to 4 hours, use of transformers and other components work to resolve the heat of moisture within the chassis. In the event of "crawling leakage", you can use the hair dryer up and down through the hole behind the TV left and right to move hair dryer, the TV-house dust and moisture to disperse.

Special Note If the TV has emerged surface drops, do not then announced a condom on it, should try to make the TV is breathable state.

Rainy days put on waterproof cover washing machine
Many people think that washing machine itself is dealing with the water, so no moisture. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, because most washing machines use integrated circuits to control the washing process, in particular some high-end models also have sensors, which work in the same humid environment will fail.

Symptoms: washers switch breakdown, burnt knob switch circuit, and some even play the internal arcing or sparks, or electrical heat burn or liquid crystal screen can not display properly.

Responses: short-circuit fault caused by surface condensation occurs in more humid environment, so washing machines usually do not put in place a large bathroom, water vapor, preferably placed in the up position of the platform need to use water in the rainy day or absorbent strong shell trap.

Special Note washing machine electronic control unit wet with water should be avoided, when the failure should immediately cease using, and requested the professional home maintenance.

Too wet when the computer does not boot the best

A cool, dry "work environment" is particularly important on the computer, it is better placed in air-conditioned room.
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Heavy Rainy Season, Humidity Is Also Anti-appliance "rheumatism" - Tv, Heaters,

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Heavy Rainy Season, Humidity Is Also Anti-appliance "rheumatism" - Tv, Heaters,

This article was published on 2010/11/14